Behind The Blooms: AEON Collective

If you’ve been out and about in Adelaide recently, you would have noticed that no major event is complete without a distinctively aesthetic flower arrangement crafted by AEON Collective.

AEON Collective is an Adelaide-based floral design and styling business run by Eleanor Martin and Amy Belperio. They are renowned for their large floral installations that take the shape of letters and numbers and provide the perfect backdrop for photographs.

The floral designs add a splash of vibrancy, colour and fun to any venue, and are suited to a range of events including weddings, birthdays and baby showers. Each installation is assembled by hand and constructed to suit the needs of the particular client

What started as a fun and creative release has now blossomed into a successful decorating establishment that has filled a gap in the design market, and taken Adelaide by storm. The past few months have been particularly busy for AEON Collective – they have provided the floral arrangements for a number of high-profile events such as the Royal Croquet Club, the Nova 919 ‘Adelaides the Sixth’ party at Electra House and the races hosted by the South Australian Jockey Club in May 2016.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Eleanor and Amy to find out more about their budding floral design business.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?
Eleanor and I met years ago in school but it wasn’t until a few years back that we became friends. We bonded over hot glue guns, sewing machines and an appreciation for a Sunday morning Bunning’s sausage sizzle. At the moment we are mainly kept busy by our day jobs – I’m an event coordinator by day and ‘floral designer’/ tradie by night.

Eleanor: I am an Interior Architecture graduate and am currently working as a Make Up Artist/ Colour Specialist at Mecca Cosmetica. Although we both work full time, we are lucky to have each other outside of work for a creative outlet. Not gonna lie, having a Bunnings buddy helps make the trip a little less overwhelming.

Can you tell us about AEON Collective?
AEON Collective started over a year ago now, and we’re so ecstatic at how far it’s come since! We specialize in floral styling and creations for any event or occasion.

Eleanor: We love bringing fresh ideas and hand crafted installations to life, and we use mainly artificial and silk flowers for our designs.

What made you decide to start AEON Collective?
Amy and I would often catch up and get crafty together. I’ve always been hands-on with making jewellery, while Amy loves using textiles to create things – she is amazing at executing ideas! I think we really compliment each other in this respect.

Amy: Before any of this even started we would spend hours together in Spotlight on our days off. We made an Instagram to start showing off our random creations, which we never planned to turn into floral letters. I was organising a surprise party for my sister’s 21st and we wanted to do something special for her, her nickname is ‘EB’ and this inspired us to incorporate the letters as part of the decorations.

Eleanor: I had saved a photo years ago from Pinterest of a canvas filled with bright flowers. I’d always wanted to make something using a similar concept as a present, so I showed Amy the picture and we started brainstorming floral designs. In doing so, we created our first original AEON design – and boy, have they come far since their cardboard and balsa wood days!

Amy: We think the main appeal of our designs is that they work as a great backdrop for photos. We had endless compliments and enquiries after the first one, which lead us to research and realise there was a gap in the market for large personalised floral letters. We found many small, handmade paper floral letters for sale on Etsy and other similar websites, but nothing on a large scale or available for hire. It’s crazy to see the demand now – we have even received emails from the other side of the world!

Where do you derive your inspiration from?
We both love anything and everything bohemian or floral, which was the initial inspiration behind our connection. I’ve always loved nature so I find it easiest to draw inspiration from things I see in everyday life.

Eleanor: Being a makeup artist makes me attracted to colour and using colour in different ways and textures. This is definitely where I get my inspiration from, and creating each palette is my favourite part of the process!

What have been some standout experiences for the two of you so far?Amy: Seeing our ‘RCC’ letters tagged in hundreds of photos was definitely overwhelming. Watching our designs spread all over Adelaide’s Instagram pages was something else! It was amazing that all of our friends and families were greeted by our design as soon as they walked in.

Eleanor: I think we both agree that the opportunities to branch into event decorating, most recently for the South Australian Jockey Club during the May racing season, has been the absolute highlight. We have always agreed this was an area we could imagine ourselves in. It allows us to put our creative minds together for new ideas and fuels us into doing something a little different each time.

What do you think has made AEON Collective so successful?
We have received amazing support from our family, who have given up sleep for power tools, and their garages for our storage. Our success is also due to our friends and customers, who continue to recommend our work to others, and we’ve been lucky to work with a handful of South Australian companies that have helped us tap into corporate events.

Eleanor: Overall, our passion and obsession for detail is what has made us continually successful. Our creations are unique and distinctive to our brand, and we can only hope this continues into our future designs.


It is clear that Eleanor and Amy’s keen attention to detail, eye for style and dedication will continue to see AEON Collective grow to even greater heights. We can’t wait to see what these talented girls go on to achieve in the future.

Images courtesy of Eleanor Martin and Amy Belperio




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