Behind The Brand: Davroe

Mary Centofanti, Director of Dresslier, has been an advocate for cruelty-free products before almond milk was even a thing.

Davroe Hair Wellness is the brand that sits under Dresslier, a South Australian manufacturer of highend salon products, which has been around for more than 85 years. Mary began working at Dresslier in 1984 as a receptionist. Having developed an understanding of what the industry needed from a haircare brand, Mary, together with her husband John, took ownership of Dresslier in 2008, where she introduced Davroe’s new direction.

Today, Davroe stands as Australia’s first sulphate and paraben free, 100% vegan friendly and cruelty-free salon professional haircare range, which is 100% Australian owned and made.

When did you realise there was a need for natural, cruelty-free hair products?
When John and I took over the company, we felt that we needed to change the brand. We needed to take the range out of mainstream and have a point of difference. There was a turning point in 2006–07 when we could see some things changing in the world. We were already sourcing naturally-derived ingredients, which back then were difficult to find. Cruelty-free was always an essential philosophy of Davroe, even when it was not a concern to the general public. So, in essence, we were already on the way.

How were these new products first received?
Salons were at first concerned with how the products would perform without the ‘chemical factor’ in the formulations, such as lathering and the ability to ‘clean properly’. However, slowly the proof was there and confidence with professional salons grew and have continued to grow since.

What are the benefits of using Davroe products?
Consumers are now so concerned, not only with what they eat, but with what they put on their faces and bodies. Offering a product that is a naturalbased low irritant is a great way to go. Regarding the earth, reducing and removing petrochemicals is important and working towards reducing our carbon footprint is always an ongoing process.

What has been a career highlight?
There have been so many! Such as seeing Davroe’s new machinery in production, getting our brand into the US market and wonderful experiences like being the official hair sponsor for Fashion Palette New York Fashion Week in September 2016. We are pretty excited for the brand, especially where it’s come from and our whole team, who are such a major part of our journey.

Do you follow Davroe’s philosophy in your day-to-day life?
This too is always evolving. I’m more health conscious than ever and as a mum and business owner, I support as many Australian companies as possible. Buying Australian-made products from as many Australian-owned companies is very important to me and our state and country. Reducing our carbon footprint at home is also important. Watching what we eat, as well as purchasing as much produce and products that are ethically grown and manufactured.

What simple tip can we follow to help live an ecofriendly, cruelty-free life?
Source as many ethically grown and manufactured Australian made products, it quite simply helps everyone and makes for a healthier you, environment and country.

Photography by Josh Geelen.




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