Bassike Does Denim

Bassike embodies ultimate minimalism and the launch of their 2016 denim range is no different.

The label, which centres around a creating high end designs through sustainable manufacturing processes, continue their exploration into the drop-crotch cut of trousers allowing for extra comfort in typically robust denim.

The shape of the trousers are treasured by many due to the casual vibe of the fit, often sported by bloggers and urban city dwellers. Why? The obvious answer is the distinctive comfort the trousers allow for.

Furthermore, the denim collection dabbles in fitted jeans which accentuate the figure of a woman’s legs whilst also experimenting with a modern take on the denim jacket. The versatile and durable fabric is already a staple in many wardrobes, and Bassike have capitalised on this through crafting fresh denim garments.

Accompanied by a plain tee or a fitted blouse, the denim collection presents adaptable pieces to be paired with wardrobe staples and year round use through the breathability of the drop crotch and the versatility of a denim jacket.

Bassike’s denim 2016 collection further embosses the cult-status of the label in their less-is-more approach to dressing.

Bassike Does Denim




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