Authentic Street Food Bar La Taberna open on Rundle Street

New kitchen and bar La Taberna have opened up on Rundle Street satisfying our hearts and stomach with authentic street inspired food. The Portuguese owners will serve us a menu that’s broadly Latin.

Co-owners Rosa and Gaspar Sa are both a wife and husband duo and also the head chefs behind the venue. They began cooking in Portugal, Spain and France sharing their delicious food experiences around Australia for almost a decade.

Their signature dishes will include paella, tacos, quesadillas, Cubanos, fish cakes and more inspiring tastes from Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil and Spain.

Their cocktail list will include pisco sour, mojitos and margaritas, so nights out with the squad just got better. For the simpler drinkers, they will offer their own brew of tap beer (La Taberna Cerveja) and cider (La Taberna Sidra).

La Taberna will play in-house Latino music during the week, and on Friday and Saturday it’ll bring live Latino entertainment to the scene.

“Dinner and dance is the time to come together. The food and music experience is going to be truly unique to Adelaide,” said co-owner Rosa.

La Taberna is now open from 11:30am until late, seven days a week.




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