ArtSmash at The Oxford Hotel

The recently transformed The Oxford Hotel, located in North Adelaide, oozes creativity and style, but their new initiative elevates them to a class of their own.

For the first time last Wednesday, June 29, the hotel hosted ‘ArtSmash’, their entirely new concept which sees local artists create pieces live within a two hour time frame. The art will be sold for a minimum of $50 with one catch: unsold art will be destroyed!

Want to see it for yourself? Well, they’re going to be running the event every second Wednesday evening between 6–8pm, with each night featuring four to five artists. Respected local mural artist, Jack Fran, was chosen as the first Key Artist/Art Curator and will have a six month residency at the venue. But don’t worry, we were assured it was a full house so the piece was sold and not destroyed! He has already begun jazzing up the place with his art to make The Oxford Hotel as atmospheric as possible.

Hotel Owner, Anastasia Murray says, “This role will be an ongoing and important part of The Oxford Hotel. We feel that an artist’s true skill and contribution to society is to inspire and stimulate human beings … it’s not going to be about art on the walls but about experiences.”

The artists have the flexibility to work with whatever medium they choose, increasing diversity for perspective buyers. The profits from the artworks will go directly to the artist, thereby supporting local, up-and-coming talent.

It’s a new, fast and original approach to art, and matched with the exciting menu by new Head Chef Symon Conway-Lyden, we can’t think of a better way to spend our Wednesday nights.

The Oxford Hotel
101 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide 5006





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