Around the World Dining: Meze-Mazi

Meze-Mazi in Prospect brings the culinary heart of the Mediterranean to us with their Greek cooking. Chef Nick Marinos comes from Chalkidiki in northern Greece with more than 10 years experience cooking the local cuisine for some of Chalkidiki’s best hotels and restaurants. He’s been in the country for less than a year, so he’s as Greek as they get and already blowing our minds with his culinary brilliance.

Greek cuisine is based on simple flavours and a generous use of herbs to add freshness to meals that are designed for sharing. There’s no twist or hint of other influences here, just Greek cuisine in its pure authenticity. While many Greek restaurants have deviated from the old ways, the owners of Meze-Mazi were adamant not to compromise on tradition. That’s how they pride themselves – it’s real Greek food like we would find in Greece. The tell-tale sign is the number of Greeks seen dining here!

Exemplifying this is their slow cooked lamb shoulder accompanied with oven baked potatoes. It’s juicy, with rich palatable flavours but don’t just come for this, come for the whole experience.

Eat how the Greeks would eat.

86b Prospect Rd, Prospect

Brought to you by Meze-Mazi.




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