Around the World Dining: Gondola Gondola

Gondola Gondola‘s head chef, Seksan Suntharaphai, takes Vietnamese cuisine to progressive heights. Seksan has worked closely with the owners in creating a contemporary menu that is both reminiscent of the dishes many Vietnamese grew up eating but also progressive in the introduction of these cooking philosophies fused with hints of other South East Asian cuisines to modern western cooking techniques.

Key to their food philosophy is the freshness of the ingredients. These help to create the deep bust flavours that South East Asia is widely known for. To achieve this, Gondola Gondola follows a farm to plate philosophy, with many herbs and vegetables used in the kitchen harvested directly from their farm north of Adelaide in Virginia.

Gondola Gondola’s signature lamb dish has a name that’s full of character, LAMB-BURN-GHINI. It’s seared South Australian lamb with rosemary, thyme, cinnamon and blueberry served with a red papaya salsa accompanied with an LBG shooter. Not only is it a dish for the palette, but also the eyes and nose with a fiery presentation waking senses with the scent of charred cinnamon.

1 Peel Street, Adelaide | @gondola_gondola

Sponsored by Gondola Gondola.




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