Afterpay? No Way!


So you have an event this weekend and you need a new outfit ASAP, but the funds are looking a little dry. Instead of raiding your best friend’s closet in a desperate attempt to pull something together, use the newest way to pay, Afterpay!

Afterpay is taking over Australian online stores with its ‘get now, buy later’ campaign. Imagine purchasing a lay-by; you get around eight weeks to pay off you items with fortnightly contributions, however instead of only receiving your items after the lay-by is paid off, Afterpay lets you have your items straight away!

So when you make a purchase at their contributing stores, instead of selecting Paypal or Mastercard, select the Afterpay option and follow the prompts. With a timeframe of eight weeks to pay off your item, equal repayments must be made every fortnight. So if your new dress is $100, you pay $25 on the purchased date, then $25 each fortnight on that day ’till the eight weeks is up! Sounds amazing to us.

With contributing online stores such as Glue Store, Surfstitch, Universal Store, Senso, Zanerobe, and General Pants Co to name a few, Afterpay is the new way of currency.

So go online and order your outfit this weekend and pay at a later date! Whether it be clothing , accessories, shoes or even festival tickets, there’s nothing you can’t purchase with this new concept.

To learn more, visit and have a read for yourself.

Images via Pinterest.




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