#AFF18: Backstage With Evo at the BNKR Runway presented by TDE

Off the back of their successful Macgyver campaign, Adelaide based haircare and beauty brand Evo was one of the major partners of this year’s Adelaide Fashion Festival. Using their range of products, Evo’s brand ambassador Nicole Kae along with the Clip Joint Team created looks for the BNKR Runway presented by TDE, along with SA Designer Showcase 1 and 2, and SLOW Saturday Presented by Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning.

Over the weekend, we were lucky enough to sit down with Nicole Kae to discuss the look from the BNKR runway as well as their must-have Evo products.


What are the biggest hair trends this season?

Undone textures, and people embracing their natural movement. It’s that hair that looks like you’ve done nothing at all but really, effort’s gone in.

TRY: doing 2 low plaits, spray with Evo Icon Welder (everyone needs heat protection) and gently tap your Cloud Nine Original Iron down the hair. Let the hair out for a cool natural mid length wave.

Can you explain the hair style you went with for the BNKR Runway presented by TDE?

For the BNKR show this year it was all about looking at the individual and seeing what suits them. Beautiful kinks, with an accentuation on the girls’ baby hairs on the hairline.

1. Prime the hair with Evo Day Of Grace for instant hydration.

2. Using the new Cloud Nine Curling Wand, roll the hair one way and alternate the other.

3. Work Evo Head Mistress through the mid lengths and ends to seal off any undone cuticles, giving the hair a natural satin finish.

4. Finish with my favourite Evo Shebang-a-Bang, to grit up the hair a little and give the hair a cool, hydrated texture with separation.

What are the must-have products to create a similar look?

Evo Day of Grace, Evo Head Mistress, Evo Shebang-A-Bang and Evo Macgyver for our finer haired girls to prep with for more oomph.


Tips for keeping our hair fresh?

Get some Evo Water Killer in your life – the best dry shampoo on the market, not only acting as a grease remover but will revive your lengths with body. If you’re feeling dry, Evo Day of Grace will put lustre and moisture back in.




Photography by Dylan Starczak


*This content is sponsored by EVO.




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