Aerobics is the full-body workout trend you should try

Ensuring we maintain a physically active routine can be tricky in modern society. Many of us now work jobs that aren’t confined to a 9-5 schedule and we’ve also got to fit in socialising with friends and time to schedule these hang outs because they have different life schedules. Then on top of this, leave some time to unwind from all the activities as well. So, just where do we fit in a little bit of fitness and keep it interesting enough to be a regular cog in our routine wheel?

The answer? It’s time to channel your inner Jane Fonda and take on the world of aerobics as a means of keeping fit! With the rise of Zumba in the early 2000s, pilates and barre classes taking the world of fitness by storm, it’s only natural that aerobics is now having its moment in the spotlight as a way to keep active in 2018. With pumping music and set choreography in every class, it’s fun and caters to all abilities. Not to mention it throws together carido, resistance and strength training all into one.

Living in an incredibly accessible world, you can even find aerobics tutorials online on YouTube and Instagram as an alternative to ease you into the workout. In the words of John Mayer, your body is a wonderland, and it needs to be nurtured in order to thrive and ensure you’re feeling your healthiest. Skincare, makeup, clothing and accessories are able to help you look put together but exercise will you look and feel your best from the inside out.

Still not convinced? We think you’ll be convinced after reading our top 5 reasons of trying aerobics next time you’re at the gym. It’s not all power leotards and fluoro tights.

It enhances your respiratory system  

Like undertaking any physical activity, aerobics assists in enhancing your respiratory system and the ease in which it functions. Improved lung capacity and the circulation of oxygen throughout the body are just two of many benefits the sport has on the respiratory system. This also assists with your abilities to push through classes after sustained aerobic activity.

Aerobics is adaptable to your abilities (aka it’s for everyone)

If you are already self-conscious about your fitness levels, aerobics is one of the best forms of gym exercise to start off with. Classes are led with movements that are easy to change up and adapt based on your body and energy levels.

Neck or back aches? Aerobics might be the solution.

By challenging yourself with an aerobics class, it encourages additionally mobility in the generally sedentary lifestyle that Australians are becoming accustomed to. From the dynamic movement in classes and incidental flexibility work that accompanies the routines, the body begins to tone up and improve joint and muscle pain.

Classes are often quicker than other gym classes.

Aerobics classes generally run between 40-50 minutes in length which makes them slightly shorter than most gym classes. Due to the nature of the workout being high intensity, it makes up for the shorter duration. So you leave earlier but have still done the same amount of exercise!

Most importantly, aerobics is fun… and highly addictive!

If the reasons above have still failed to convince you, we can assure you that when toning up at an aerobics class you will be having an enjoyable and uplifting experience like no other. With the pumping music, enthusiastic trainers and often friendly participants, an aerobics work out might be just what you need to add that little bit of fitness into your lifestyle. Next stop: competitive aerobic gymnastics – you are never too old!




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