Power Living Yoga’s Tessa Leon joins Wanderlust 108 line up

In recent years, many health and fitness experts have come to the realisation that looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after yourself physically – if anything, the two are directly linked to each other. It has seen the rise in yoga, which promotes incredible physical benefits for your body but also a great tool for mental well being too. Tessa Leon from Power Living Yoga lives and breathes yoga and wants to empower others and encourage others to live better through her classes. She has joined Wanderlust 108 for their massive inaugural festival in Adelaide to spread their message of mindfulness. We sit down to chat to her about how it all started for her, how she joined the movement and the importance of spreading the message of looking after yourself.

Hey Tessa, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and Power Living Yoga? How did you begin practicing yoga?

I started practicing yoga about a decade ago mostly for stress management and a workout – like most people when they first walk in. As I went deeper I found it not only made me stronger but it helped me mentally stay much clearer. When I got to know Power Living Yoga, I realised that yoga can be such a massive tool for personal growth as well. It became crystal clear that my job as a teacher is to now empower others to live brighter and with more courage. So Power Living Adelaide is about creating a space and supportive community where other people can discover that for themselves.

What kind of yoga do you teach and can you tell us a little bit about each one?

Our main style is Vinyasa which is a flowing and very dynamic practice, and we offer different levels, in heated or non-heated. Our teachers are very highly trained so we can focus on deeper education, which means our community are really savvy about how their body works, anatomical function etc. Of course philosophical education is just as important (not the cheesy poetry sort) and we hold people accountable to self-awareness. We also do Yin yoga classes which is super popular and works on the facial tissues using long, meditative holds. We’re lucky to have Active Bodies Physiotherapy working with us so some of our teachers and assistants are physios too, taking the classes to a new standard.

How did you become involved with Wanderlust?

I’ve been following Wanderlust festivals for years and always keeping my eye on the amazing facilitators and beautiful events going on! Power Living has been part of Wanderlust all over Australia for ages so when the gang decided to come to Adelaide we were the natural connection. What we do and what Wanderlust do is really similar in terms of the community focus; we’re both about bringing people together, celebrating yoga and lifting eachother up! So it’s a beautiful synergy between our studio and the festival.

How does it feel to be involved in Adelaide’s largest mass yoga and mass meditation event ever?

I’m so excited and honoured to be sharing the experience with Adelaide! I think it’s totally going to blow people’s minds when they see the scale of it and just how much FUN it is. Adelaide has never experienced anything like this before and once people taste what’s possible it’s going to blow the lid off for more people trying yoga, more community connection and people feeling like they’re a part of something bigger.

Do you have any tips for first timers who are a little nervous about coming along to such a big yoga event?

These are your people! Events like this are not about showing off or being competitive, it’s about supporting each other and finding a sense of playfulness. If you’re coming to get serious then you’ll quickly realise it’s not like that at all! There’s loads of fun music, loads of first-time yogis, loads of people who come just to amongst the community and it doesn’t matter if they do much running or yoga at all! My section of the event is the mass meditation which will be a really nice wind-down after the yoga, we’ll get relaxed and finish it up with a peaceful smile on all our faces.

Wanderlust’s message is about mindfulness and looking after ourselves, how important is it to spread this to the Adelaide community?

It couldn’t be more important. I see so many people who struggle to keep themselves on track with both their physical and mental health. The most important thing is to remember we’re not doing it alone! We’re all in it together. So when you come to an event like Wanderlust or a studio like Power Living you instantly feel the support of like-minded people all around you and there’s a momentum, a current with that. It’s so liberating to be in a place where you can stop comparing yourself to others and just feel free to be yourself! That’s the biggest healing we can all tap into.

Wanderlust 108 is on this Saturday, September 23 from 7.00am-4.00pm at Bonython Park.

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