Adelaide’s Next Top Model: Jessie Andrewartha


With Australia’s Next Top Model (ANTM) auditions not making their way to South Australia for the upcoming season, Adelaide aspiring model Jessie Andrewartha headed to Victoria to try her luck.

After months on anticipation, Jessie received the phone call that she had made it into top thirteen models for Season 10 of ANTM that premieres Tuesday, September 20 on Foxtel’s Fox8.

In the lead up to the premier, we chat to Jessie about the show plus her highlights from last year’s A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery where she walked the runway.

Jessie Andrewartha

With no auditions held in Adelaide this year, where did you travel to audition for Season 10 of ANTM?
I was quite surprised that they didn’t have auditions in Adelaide, since they were going to regional/rural areas in other states. But that didn’t stop me, so Mum and I flew to Melbourne last year, so I could try my luck at the Federation Square auditions.

What was your reaction when you found out you were selected into the top 13?
It was quite a drawn out process to be honest, at first I had a phone call saying that I had made it to the top 16 and that I was 80%–90% guaranteed in. So while I was over the moon about that news I still waited a couple months after that to be told that I was officially accepted. Little did I know at the time, Foxtel/Shine Australia decided to push the filming back. Once I had been told that I made it, I was quite shocked as I was waiting anxiously in anticipation.

You’ve previously walked the runway for A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery with CLIQUE Mag, what was your highlight of the event?
My highlight was being selected as one of the models to begin the night, by being showcased as a posing statue outside the Art Gallery of South Australia on red carpet as guests arrived for the event. Also how CLIQUE Mag combined art and fashion into one event.

What are your top tips for staying healthy?
Stay away from bakery goods.. Haha kidding! Even though I’m quite strict on myself, my advice is eat everything in moderation and portion size snacks, meals anything. & eat plenty of fruit and vegetables!

What’s your go-to skincare regime?
It really depends on your skin type and what works for you as an individual, what your diet is etc. For me less is best! I use a no-soap cleanser everyday, but my tool is a flannel. Once rinsed under hot water and rung out its a great exfoliator and the it’s not harsh on the skin whatsoever.

What was your highlight from the audition process?
Hands down, bringing my mum to tears in how proud she was of me. Highlight of the show? Was meeting Vitoria, knowing I walk away from this experience with a friend for life means more to me then she or anyone will ever know.

What’s it like living in the Top Model house with 12 other young girls?
It was completely different than living in between my boyfriends house and mine that’s for sure.

If I didn’t have Vitoria, I would have no doubt gone insane. She kept me grounded at the best of times and was always there to lift me back up when I was down. It’s hard to explain to the audience, anyone really, unless you’ve been in that same position. We all literally had each other to lean on and that’s it, with very restricted contact to the outside world it was a challenge everyday.

Jessie on the A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery runway in 2015.





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