Adelaide’s got a new look

Our all time favourite South Australian brand, R.M. Williams has given their women’s Yearling Adelaide boots a bit of a polish up, with their limited-edition gold version.

Metallic footwear has been dominating the wardrobes of fashion minded individuals everywhere this season, with R.M. Williams joining the likes of fashion powerhouses Gucci and Saint Laurent. And we’re totally behind this trend – it means we can go straight from the office to the bar.

The boots will feature the Adelaide’s signature tapered heel, and R.M. stitching and tugs. Like all R.M. Williams boots, they are hand crafted from a single piece of leather. It’s really the ultimate luxury.

Even with the 8-week delivery time, the boots are selling out fast. They’re available exclusively online for special order, so go and grab yourself a pair here.


Hero image via Facebook.