Adelaide Sister Duo Sitara Set To Release Their New Album ‘Alchemy’

Sitara Adelaide duo Alchemy

Tess and Erin Fowler have been performing professionally together for six years but if you take into account the fact that their sisters, they’ve really been singing together for over 20. They took this lifetime of shared experiences to create Sitara, a mix of soul/folk/pop sounds that is earthy, raw and vulnerable – and they have channeled all these emotions into their upcoming album, Alchemy.

It’s been four years since the girls released their first EP and in the time since, they’ve done WOMADelaide, made a mark in the world of Triple J Unearthed, gone on tour and they have taken these last four years on board as inspiration for their upcoming tracks.

“Many [songs] are heart-felt emotional expressions of our lives for the last 4 years, others are a broader commentary on society,” Tess says. “We are both hugely driven and inspired by the power of the arts to evoke social change.”

But when asked about what we can expect from the new album, they say that they have been “writing a lot of contrasting sounds.” A mix of their usual ‘folkier’ songs and more of a soul-pop sound both appeared on the drawing board when it came to the album and at the suggestion of their producer, Kiah Gossner – another homegrown talent – they have split it down the middle and Alchemy will be the collection of these folkier songs

Apart from the new music, another new aspect will be a visual album. There will be eight videos accompanying the eight tracks, creating a stunning 40 minute film – filmed right here in Adelaide – to go alongside the music. Both sisters have strong backgrounds in performing arts – Erin as a dancer and choreographer and Tess as an actor – and it made the decision to create a visual element an easy one.

“…For years we have wanted our gigs to include broader theatrical elements,” says Tess.

“We realised it would be wiser to have a product we can show that exhibits our other areas of interest. It seems to be a relatively ‘fresh’ thing to have done, and establishing ourselves as more that just singer-songwriters is really important to us.”

The film has been visually crafted by Repeater Productions (comprising of director, Morgan Wright and cinematographer, Ella Kroning) and continuing the theme of homegrown creatives coming together, the girls have also collaborated with Australian Fashion Labels for the visual tracks.

“It was out of this world having the generosity of AFL. The styling and costuming has made the film pop in a way we could have never have achieved by ourselves.”

And what’s next for Sitara? “We’re constantly looking at touring and travelling, so no doubt we’ll having something planned for the second half of the year,” Tess tells us.

“But at this stage we couldn’t say for sure! We have a whole other list of new songs that fell into that ‘other’ category, so once we’ve gotten through the excitement and chaos of producing the visual album, we’re excited to start the cycle again and get back in the studio recording and making more music.”

The full visual album Alchemy will be screened at the Mercury Cinema on June 6, with the album released on June 7.  Tickets for the premiere screening can be found at

Sitara have exclusively shared a preview for their visual track, Love Behaviour, with CLIQUE Mag.




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