Fringe Review: Sammy J – Hero Complex

Studio 7 @ The Garden on Unearthly Delights
Saturday, February 18

One half of the immensely popular double act Sammy J and Randy, Sammy J is back in Adelaide this year riding solo, gifting audiences with an equal parts touching as it is hysterical autobiographical show which once and for all proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

A fascinating trip down memory lane, Hero Complex is a one-of-a-kind comedy centered around an unusual and none too well known fact about Sammy J’s life – comic legend The Phantom is his metaphorical guardian angel that has been instrumental in the progression of his life from young nerd on the playground of his primary school in Frankston to the über-successful, singer-songwriter, comedian, television actor father that he is today.

Featuring brilliant artifacts from his childhood including a selection of hilarious snippets from his Year 9 (Phantom-themed) diary, Sammy J leads the audience on heartwarming journey through his life, chronologically reciting at times heartbreaking anecdotes from his fascinating rise to stardom that truly must be heard to be believed.

In between clips of Year 9 school projects, newspaper cuttings, physical props and photographs from the past, the note-perfect performance is peppered with Sammy J’s trademark piano-accompanied musical numbers that audiences have come to know and love as well as a hysterical Eminem-esque rap and poem recited Beatnik-style.

If you love stories that are too good to be true and have been guilty yourself of holding onto relics from your childhood that you should have thrown out long ago, this is the show for you.

A touching story about idols, crushes, bullies, stalkers and all those people in between, Sammy J exposes audiences to the relatable idiosyncrasies of his personality – those face-palm moments we’ve all had growing up – and for that he should be praised many times over.

Hero Complex will warm your heart, tickle your fancy and remind you to appreciate the magical phenomenon that is serendipity that plays a part in all of our stories. A real show by a real talent, things are really hotting up for this gifted musical comedian.

5 stars

Sammy J: Hero Complex continues at Studio 7 @ The Garden on Unearthly Delights until Sunday March 5th.