Adelaide Abroad: Malamute Moosh

Malamute Moosh

It’s not every day that your family dog becomes an Insta-Famous superstar, followed religiously by hundreds and thousands of people from around the globe, well that’s unless you’re Mooshie the Alaskan Malamute. We caught up with his owner, Olivia Rogers, to get the lowdown on Mooshie’s unexpected rock star career.

It’s not every day that someone becomes Insta-famous, let alone an Alaskan Malamute. How did Mooshie become a social media phenomenon?

It was definitely very unexpected! Mooshie’s Instagram started going crazy after a few of his videos were shared on some major animal accounts (with 1-2 million followers). He was then shared on accounts such as UniLad and BuzzFeedAnimals. He hit 10K followers in April 2016, and from there it went up exponentially!

Why did you originally start an Instagram account for Mooshie?

My brother and I started the account as a bit of a joke. I was taking so many photos of Moosh as it was, and often posting them on my personal account. We had seen quite a few Insta-famous dogs, and being the biased owners that we are, we joked that Moosh could “totally go viral!” We didn’t think it would actually happen though.

We’ve heard that Mooshie has his own agent in Sydney? How did this come about?

He does! We are lucky enough to work with Remarkable Pets. A friend saw them on the Today Show last year and suggested that we get Mooshie on board. Again, we weren’t taking it too seriously at the time, but now Mooshie has ended up with a more successful modelling career than most humans I know.

With over a hundred thousand Instagram followers it’s safe to say that Mooshie has an international fan-base.  Where from around the world are Mooshie’s biggest fans?

Mooshie’s biggest fans are based in Jakarta, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. It really is amazing how many people contact us from different countries, all over the world. The reach of Mooshie’s account continues to blow me away every day.

What kind of work does Mooshie get booked for?

Mooshie worked with Advance Pet Food earlier this year, with Sam Kekovich as their ambassador in the lead up to Australia Day. Mooshie has also worked with some other dog food brands, anti-flea products and he also has, and continues to get behind some great charities including Guide Dogs Australia and CanTeen. It has been so beneficial using his platform to raise awareness for some amazing causes that are really important to us.

With an extremely busy schedule as a model yourself; how to you find time to manage Mooshie’s rock star career?

It can be very overwhelming at times to be honest. I try my best to keep up with it all – particularly responding to his fans (he gets approximately 10-15 messages a day) but it’s not easy. We might need another Mooshie manager down the track!

What’s been Mooshie’s career highlight to date?

Definitely appearing on Channel 7’s ‘The Morning Show’, in September last year. In true sassy Mooshie style, as soon as the cameras started rolling, he sat down, turned his back to the camera and started scratching himself. Larry Emdur still wanted to know if Mooshie was single by the end of it, so we feel it was a success overall.

Any super exciting projects coming up for Mooshie?

There are some secret projects that I can’t mention just yet! But Mooshie and I are moving to Melbourne in April, which is very exciting. With so many opportunities over there, I think the possibilities are endless for Mooshie this year.


Photography by Josh Geelan

Put me down ya mole.

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"That Moosh, he's so chill" – Everyone.

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