Add To Cart: Rose Tinted Glasses

Rose tinted glasses

During winter, sunglasses become an easy to forget item in the daily routine due to the evident lack of sunlight or the prevalence of glare throughout the day, but spring is in full bloom (finally!). What better a time to refresh your sunglasses collection than on the fringe of the warmer weather to come.

This spring, there is one trend that everyone can immerse themselves in without a great deal of obviousness or inconvenience: colour tinted sunglasses! While the phrase may lend itself to images of theatrically impractical glasses, probably framed in outlandish bold framing, in spring 2017 coloured sunglasses have proved to be a fashion favourite that works with anything in ones wardrobe.

When showing spring/summer collections, fashion houses like Fendi, Miu Miu, Dior and Marni all added a pair of coloured spectacles to models walking down the runway which translated into the trend becoming a must have for spring 2016. Spring weather always evokes colourful clothing so why not add some colourful eyewear to the equation too!

Rose tinted glasses

We’ve picked our favourite coloured looks for you to road test in spring 2016.




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