Add to Cart: Faux fur to keep you warm this winter

Just when we thought having to layer up in winter was going to be a burden, fur coats have made this one more exciting than ever. Although staying indoors and lounging around the house in your thermal socks seems ideal, this is unrealistic and well, you must have a fur.

While furs have always been a wardrobe staple for the style set, people are much more conscious about what they are wearing so faux furs are currently all the rage. Whether you pair it with jeans and cons or over your favourite going out dress, faux fur coats will have your back and will not disappoint this winter.

It’s the look of the season so go wild for the fluffy stuff, here’s our guide to our top 5 vegan furs to keep you warm (and looking amazing of course) this season – and still feel good about wearing it.

Unreal Fur

Dream Jacket in Forest Green, $309,

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Animalia Jacket, $279

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Too Damn Famous Faux-Fur Coat, $109

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Maddox Coat – Grey, $279

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Victoria + Woods

Whistler Jacket, $390

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