A reminder to include this step that everyone forgets in their skincare routine

Eyes, hands, and face are some of the most moisturised parts of the body in our quest to fight the signs of aging. Whether it’s an application of an everyday moisturiser or a specialised piece of skincare to enhance the skin, these areas tend to be where rigorous care is most encouraged. However, there is one part of the body that should always be shown a little more TLC in order to complete the list of anti-aging skincare habits.

Like our hands and eyes, the skin on our necks is often a sign premature ageing due to being neglected in the skincare routine. While we’re young, the collagen production throughout the body is at its peak but slowly diminishes as we age, making it even more important to nourish our whole body sooner rather than later.

Hydrating our necks is much easier than other areas of the body. A few quick fixes include just extending your every day moisturiser down to your neck because it’s quite literally just under face. Also when cleansing, take your cleanser that little bit further down below the chin and onto your décolletage area. Then make sure when applying your weekly face mask that you exfoliate your neck as well as face and generously apply your mask of choice there as well.

For a more concentrated approach to neck care, we have a few favourite products that work wonders to the area and ensure it is maintained and moisturised adequately. If you’re unsure where to start, these products are guaranteed to make it a little easier.

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