A Guide to the Perfect Modern Gentleman

There are just some things a modern male should have, say, think and do that elevate him into the well-groomed world of the stylish gentleman. We are talking about the non-negotiables for navigating a sharp and sophisticated life that James Bond or Don Draper would be proud of. A life where bad manners, un-ironed shirts and sloppy dressing are simply not tolerated. So if you want to impress colleagues, friends and, most importantly, women, listen up boys because we are raising the bar with a guide to “12 things every man should have”.

1. An appreciation of music and a well-rounded collection

Being able to choose the right sound track for any given moment shows confidence and experience.

2. A career you have worked hard to build

Perseverance, commitment and dedication are must-haves attributes for a modern gentleman.

3. A daily read of a reputable newspaper

Local, national or international, ensure you’re reading quality journalism.

4. A signature scent

Close your eyes and select anything at the Tom Ford counter in David Jones.

5. The perfect go-to sunglasses

Shades in Rundle Mall has you covered. Choose an aviator shape with classic metal frames.

6. A sport you love and know well

It can only be AFL in Adelaide.

7. A classic dark suit

The certified gentlemen at P Johnson Tailors visit Adelaide twice a year for bespoke trunk shows to assist in custom suit selection.

8. Tailored business shirts

See point 7.

9. Well-kept hands and nails

It’s the details that matter and so the team at MediPedi Nail Spa on King William Road welcome gents with open arms.

10. A classic watch with a metal band

You can’t go past Longines for a timeless, elegant style. Find them at Graham’s Jewellers in the Myer Centre.

11. A trusted hairdresser

The team at SA’s Salon of the Year Orbe in North Adelaide are highly skilled in men’s styles.

12. A favourite and regular exercise routine

A run around the Torrens every second day is all you need to commit to.