90s Fashion Revival

In the world of fashion the saying ‘what goes around comes around’ is perhaps the most relatable when it comes to our wardrobes. Often we are told never to chuck out our garments as, one day, they will become in-season again and we’ll regret voiding our wardrobe of their presence. If 2015 had the ’70s revival, than 2016 certainly has the ’90s covered.

The ’90s were a big decade for fashion. It was the era in which Kate Moss had only freshly been discovered as the new ‘It-girl’ of the modelling world, Alexander McQueen was playing around with garment design and produced the infamous Bumsters in 1996 and Australians began to make their mark on the world stages of Paris, Milan and London. The world experimented with grunge chic while simultaneously being under the spell of the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls and images of supermodels Cindy, Naomi and Christy were plastered on bedroom walls of every teenager.

In 2016, there are four ’90s trends that have made a comeback screaming to be added to your wardrobe. We’ve compiled a list of them and why you need them.


You need one because… They’re the comfiest addition to your wardrobe in 2016! Slip dresses are the full package at a mid-length hemline and a loose fit. Slip dresses can be styled up with a heel, styled down with a sneaker or brogue and can be fitted tighter with the simple addition of a belt around the waist.


You need one because… They’re versatile and can we worn all year round. While crop tops are not often associated with a winter wardrobe, the addition of one over a crisp white shirt or under the cover of a blazer can add that bit of flair lacking from an outfit. Additionally, crop tops can then be worn again in summer with a pair of shorts or a skirt.


You need one because… They’re easy to dress. A spaghetti strap singlet may scare a few as it could invoke the view of a bra strap, but this is easily avoidable when styling. A scarf, a choker or a statement piece of jewellery will easily compliment the top and make it appropriate for any occasion and a good denim jacket will make it perfect for a brunch or market date.


You need one because… Who doesn’t love an anklet! Anklets went out for a while, then came back, then went to the sales racks at Diva and are now settled into 2016 as the new accessory for your outfits. Anklets aren’t just reserved for music festivals or concerts anymore, they’re here to be added to your everyday look and trademark style.

Images via JF & Son, The Daily Mail and Pinterest.




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