6 Hand Care Products You Need For Winter

There are two places on the body that display the first signs of ageing on a woman. The first is the eyes through laughter lines and the second is the hands.

Through everyday wear and tear, weathering various climatic conditions and touching different surfaces incidentally, the hands are the sufferers of of it all from bacteria to, dare we say it, wrinkles! In the winter it becomes even worse for hands with the morning breeze being blown onto the skin leaving hands pale in colour and dehydrated as a result of it.

Typically the focus points to lessen the effects of ageing are the face, neck and eyes, thus leaving the hands on their own with only one application a day of a moisturiser if they’re lucky. It is very easy to forget to apply hand cream and to only really how long it was since the last application when skin begins to feel scaly and dehydrated. This, however, does not mean that defeat should be accepted because this can be changed!

How does one fix their hands from souring as time goes on? The solution is simple. Hand moisturiser! An application twice daily and after washing will help improve the durability and appearance of hands.

Here’s CLIQUE’s top picks for keeping your hands hydrated:




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