4 plants to help you sleep better at night

We all love plants and went crazy at the Plant Sale over the weekend at Queens Theatre. Not only do they brighten our home, but we have now discovered four plants that need to be in your bedroom to help you have a better night’s sleep.

A study by NASA has shown that particular plants can cleanse the air in our homes, while others’ scents are known for their relaxing experiences.



Areca Palm indoor plant planter

Areca Palm

Benefits include:

  • Added air purification
  • Assist if you suffer from regular colds or sinus troubles
  • Release moisture in the air, making it easier to breathe
Gerbera bunch


Benefits include:

  • Clean up the air in your bedroom
  • Breathing in your sleep becomes easier
Mother in laws tongue planter

Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Benefits include:

  • Emit oxygen through night
  • Takes in carbon dioxide
  • Filters nasty household toxins


Peace Lily

Benefits include:

  • purifies the air
  • removes toxins
  • increases humidity of the air
  • helps reduce allergies, ease dry throats and sinus problems




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