2019 Summer Trends

When we think of Summer, we think new bikinis, sunnies or sandals! We know your wardrobes love a season makeover, so here are some of our 4 favourite trends to look out for this Summer!

Knit Tank

Think comfort of a tee shirt but way more stylish. The knit tee is effortless, feminine and can be paired with nearly anything. This piece can be tucked into a denim mini by day and a flowy printed pant by night.

Puff- Shoulders

We love the 80’s – think Dirty Dancing and The Breakfast Club! We are loving floral prints complimented with a puff sleeve bringing power and style to your everyday look.

Shell Jewellery

We are loving this beachy trend! This fulfills our childhood family holidays of collecting shells by the beach and forcing our parents to buy us overpriced souvenir jewellery.

Flip Flop Heels

For all you Simple Life Fan’s who wanted to be Pairs Hilton or Nicole Richie, this is your moment. Flip flop heels were a massive trend in the early 2000’s and have now made a return. They scream Summer but are way more appropriate to wear out in public for dressy and casual events.





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