Is 2018 the year of experimental fashion trends?

Image via @balenciaga

Fashion in 2018 really is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the year that has brought a changing of the guard at many large institutions like Burberry and Celine, a more conscious approach to ensuring garments are sourced and produced ethically and a year that has reinvented many traditional takes on fashion.

Fashion has always been about experimentation and endeavouring to push the boundaries that blur art and style into one craft. At its core, fashion is about creation, spontaneity and testing what buyers deem style. In 2018, there’s been more than one instant where this has been taken to a level we didn’t expect to see, especially when brands like Balenciaga, Vetements and Off-White continually take out top spots on the list of hottest brands.

We’re calling it now – 2018 is the year of experimental fashion. You could easily substitute the word ‘experimental’ with ‘impractical’ in relation to many items that have walked runways thus far from late 2017 to 2018. Whether that was Balenciaga’s extravagantly priced $300 hair scrunchie or Vetements’ collaborating with courier company DHL, the experimentation born from their creative direction is palpable.

In the words of Bruno Mars, don’t believe us? Just watch. Browse through these experimental ideas in fashion that have cemented the last twelve months and beyond as an age of the unexpected.

CIE Denim Upside-Down Short

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Balenciaga Double Shirt


Vetements Highlighter Ankle Boot

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Helmut Lang Bra Shoulder Bag

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