10 step guide to the perfect manicure at home

Okay, it’s official, nail salons are closed (noooo). Getting your nails done is such an underrated luxury. The benefits are beautiful looking hands, but also having the time out for yourself to relax and feel pampered. The only upside to this problem is that I may actually be able to save some extra cashola in the bank.

As we are all finding hobbies to take up whilst stuck at home, learning to do your nails yourself is something to add to the list. It’s an opportunity to become a better self manicurist for any in between touch ups.

Time to check your nails like Queen Lizzo would say with our 10 step mani guide:

Clean your nails with polish remover which will help get rid of any oils and dirt that will get in the way. Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water after because 1, it’s acetone and 2, Corona.

Clip, file and buff those nails if necessary. If you are a short nail person like me, you may just need to run the file over them, but the longer they are, the more shape you have to play with. We have provided you with some shape options to have a bit of fun.

Prep your cuticles with a cuticle remover. We recommend a balm and this will help soften that area for a picture perfect mani. If you have any manicure/cuticle sticks, gently push them down onto the cuticle to elongate the nails.

To eliminate any dead skin cells, exfoliate your hands with a scrub and wash your hands after.

Moisturise your hands and cuticles for both a relaxing sensation, but to also create smoothness to the skin.

Apply a base coat to hydrate and protect your nails. By providing a base coat, this will help prevent any chipping. Wait about two minutes before applying your first coat of colour.

Once you have picked a colour of your choice, make sure to shake the nail polish bottle first and then get the brush all the way down the cuticle and into the corner of your nail. Try to keep the first coat light so it doesn’t take forever to dry or interfere with your manicure.

Apply your second coat of colour after around 2 minutes of your first coat. Depends on your choice of colour, you may need a third coat.

Finish with a glossy top coat to protect your now gorgeous nails from chipping and to stay super shiny. Trust us, this will make the world of a difference!

Tidy up any messy edges with nail polish remover with a cotton ball/ear bud and make sure to insta those DIY nails of yours.




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